Exterior Door Features & Benefits

Our standard product features are usually found as upgrade options with other manufacturer's doors.

  • Monroe™ Zinc Craftsman Door & Sidelites with Amber Glass
  • and Optional Dentil Shelves in Chestnut Mahogany Style


  • High Definition Panel Embossments
  • Authentic panel/embossment design along with unique woograin.
  • True resemblance of a real wood door
  • Mahogany and Oak Woodgrain: Unique Detail in Every Design.
  • Smooth:Crisp Design and Paintable to Match and Décor.
  • Lite frame and stile alignments (most models)
  • Architecturally Correct Design.
  • Matching glass caming, sill & hinge finish
  • Enhanced Look and Appearance.


  • 16” wood lockblock & jamb security plate
  • Resists Forced Entry.
  • Strengthens Lockset and Deadbolt Area.
  • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) door stiles
  • LVL Stiles provide structural integrity and strength composite
  • Stiles/rails provide protection against water and insect damage.
  • Molded open panel design for glass inserts
  • Adds Structural Performance to door along with perfect fit for glass inserts,
  • Plus “Greener” for our environment by limiting/reducing landfill waste.
  • Safety tempered glass
16" Wood Lockblock LVL Stiles with
Composite Edge
Molded in Lite Opening


  • Fiberglass door panels
  • Won’t Dent, Rust, Rot, or Crack.
  • Sill Key™ system
  • Helps prevent jamb rot and water damage.* Sill Key™ doesn’t allow jamb bottom to sit on sub floor or sill where it is susceptible to water damage.
  • *Maximum protection achieved only when the door system is installed and caulked properly.
  • Ball bearing hinge
  • Ball Bearing Hinges prevent door sag and hinge wear for longer lasting performance.
  • Composite Bottom rail with door sweep & composite adjustable threshold
  • Composite system for rot resistance and structural performance.
  • Hi-Dam Composite Adjustable Threshold and Door Sweep limits air and water infiltration.
Fiberglass Door Panel Sill Key™ System Ball Bearing Hinge Composite Bottom Rail with Door Sweep
& Composite Adjustable Threshold


  • Injected polyurethane foam core
  • Up to 5 times more energy efficient than wood. 100% CFC Free (Environmentally Friendly).
  • Superior Density.
  • Helps Seal Out Drafts.
Foam Core
High Performance Lite Frame
with Triple Pane Decorative Glass
Feather River proudly offers
ENERGY STAR® qualified door
models in all 50 states.
Feather River Exterior Doors are
backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty.