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Feather River Door Company

There are many reasons why over a million of our doors are in homes just like yours. Feather River Door Company is an industry leader in high-quality, energy efficient entry doors and patio doors that offer superior durability and enduring beauty. With Feather River doors, you can be assured that your new door has passed a rigorous quality inspection for both appearance and performance. Most of all, you can count on a warm welcome every time you step into your home.

Exterior & Entry Doors

Experience what our award winning fiberglass exterior entry doors have to offer. Durability and energy efficiency of fiberglass. Hand stained finish with hand crafted decorative glasses for a major curb appeal.

So Many Styles To Choose From!

    Online or In Store

    We have a limited selection of items on homedepot.com to view or larger special order offering available at your local store nationally.

    In Stock Selection.
    Check your local store in the Northeast, Midwest, Northwest, or Alaska and Guam for availability.

    What’s New

    Imagine a world where your pets can move freely in and out, reducing the need for you to constantly open and close the door, which is perfect for busy owners or those with pets needing frequent outdoor access…Read More…

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